Personal Training Programs -

TRX Suspension

, Cardiovascular Programs, Pilates Programs

Weight Training & Plyometrics

We are committed to designing & instructing personalized Pilates Sessions with special attention to your individual abilities & goals.


Therapeutic Massage Therapy - Swedish, Relaxation, Asian TCM,  Sports & Medical, & Deep Tissue and Myofascial  Massage.

Pilates Studio Programs -

TRX Suspension

, Cardiovascular Programs, Pilates Studio Programs

Weight Training, Pilates & Plyometrics

​​Personal Training

 Myokinesis / Corrective Pilates Therapy Sessions

 Pilates Reformer Sessions- Postural  Movement

Massage Therapy

 More than a Pilates Studio, We are Fitness, Health and Wellness Specialists

We offer a variety of programs to help improve your quality of life.

Massage Therapy


Our Studio offer Pilates Private or Pilates Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions.

Pilates Sessions are one-on-one and are generally 60 minutes in duration. 

Designed for the individual and based on your abilities, lifestyle, and goals.

All Pilates Studio Programs include Mat/ Floor Repertoire, Pilates Reformer, Trapeze Table/ Cadilac, and Spine Corrector. We also offer specialized Corrective Movement Programs.

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 Myokinesis / Corrective Pilates Therapy Sessions

 Pilates Reformer Sessions- Postural  Movement

Pilates Studio Programs

 Pilates Reformer, Cadillac / Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair & Spine Corrector

 Pilates Studio Serving Bayport, Blue Point, Patchogue, and Sayville.


Ask about our​Massage Therapy programs


Therapeutic Pilates Therapy - Swedish, Asian / TCM, Sports & Medical, Deep Tissue & Myofascial Massage

Pilates Fitness and Wellness Studio is an elite pilates studio in the Blue Point, NY pilates studios directory on



​​Fitness & Wellness  STUDIO

​​Personal Training

                            Pilates Fitness and Wellness Studio  -  Pilates Programs specific to all ages and abilities.


Pilates Fitness and Wellness Studio serving  Bayport, Blue Point, Patchogue and Sayville

​​​​​Pilates Fitness and wellness studio

​ pilates Studio Programs

​​Private & Semi-Private Pilates Sessions

Designed for individual abilities and goals


  • L'éclaircie12:20
  • Moody River9:22
  • Café Sunrise5:11
  • Voeten in het water8:32
  • Magical Moments4:03
  • Lune d'ambre5:13
  • El Dorado5:59

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