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   Pilates / Myokinesis Therapy integrates Therapeutic Massage Therapy with Pilates Therapy and Pilates Corrective Exercises.

     Combining Massage Therapy and Pilates Corrective Exercises in a single program, helps facilitate healing and prevent injury. 

 Pilates Therapy and Pilates Corrective Movement

 Pilates Therapy​ / Corrective Movement 


Pilates Fitness and Wellness Studio serving  Bayport, Blue Point, Patchogue and Sayville

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corrective exercises / Pilates Therapy

The history behind our Pilates Studio and Pilates Therapy / Corrective Exercise Programs

Pilates has a long, successful history, since the early 1900's, of being beneficial in helping injured athletic performers recover  from injuries and prevent  future injuries. Since 1920's professional dancers and performers have applied Pilates Methods to rehabilitate various types of injuries and many include Pilates Movement in their training routine to strengthen and improve their performance.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy is integrated into the Myokinesis / Pilates Therapy Program to help facilitate the healing process, breakup scar tissue, increase circulation, decrease pain, improve flexibility, boost power, strength, agility and increase pain free range of motion. Our commitment to a better quality of life.

Our Pilates Studio has a Pilates Therapy Program for YOU in Blue Point.

Often, injuries are caused by faulty movement, repetitive motions, and poor postural habits. Pilates Therapy Programs assess body alignment, imbalances, weaknesses, and identify muscles that chronically over contract. Once accurately assessed,  those issues can be addressed and corrected with Pilates Therapy and Corrective Pilates Exercises.

Pilates Fitness and Wellness offers two types of  Pilates/ Myokinesis Therapy Programs:

  • Post Physiotherapy Program, for those clients that wish to compliment medical treatments they have received from a Physical Therapist. This program helps you transition from a Physical Therapy treatment to a Fitness/ Wellness program that focuses more on personal care, and your unique issues. If you prefer a home program, we will train you to become more independent by using our Pilates Fitness and Wellness independent home exercise program.
  • Chronic Injury Program, for those clients that have received medical treatment for an injury and continues to suffer because of muscular imbalances, poor posture or faulty movement mechanics. Our commitment at Balanced Body Fitness and Wellness Studio is providing you with One-on-One personal care, insuring our licensed professional provide you with hands on treatment  for the entiresession.  We are not a Rehabilitation Mill. We are committed to Personal Care.

Do we treat Acute Injuries with Pilates Therapy?

All injuries, acute or chronic, should be diagnosed by a medical doctor and treated by a medical specialist. Follow your medical doctors advice.  Pilates/ Myokinesis Program is designed  and intended for post medical care. We work closely with medical specialists to assure your safe treatment and recovery. We recommend medical clearance before you begin any Fitness and Wellness Program.

Can anyone benefit from Pilates Therapy and Myokinesis Programs?

Pilates/ Myokinesis program can benefit Men and Women, regardless of age or your fitness abilities.  Our programs benefit  the average person that is just trying to be the best they can be or we offer programs that benefit elite athletes, trying to fine tune,  prevent injuries, and strengthening areas prone to repetitive injury.

It's time to get back to a Balanced Life!

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