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​​​Balance, Flexibility, Strength & Control



Single Sessions 

60min- $85

  90min- $125

120min- $160


package of 10 Sessions

60min- $75

  90min- $115

120min- $145

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Pilates  Programs - Pilates Reformer Session - Serving Bayport, Blue Point, Holbrook, Patchogue, and Sayville

It's time to get back to a Balanced Life!

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Pilates Trapeze / Cadilac

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Pilates Fitness and Wellness Studio serving  Bayport, Blue Point, Patchogue, and Sayville

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Pilates Private Sessions - Reformer, Trapeze, Wunda Chair, and Spine Corrector

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​​" After 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, After 20 sessions you'll notice the difference,
After 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body. 


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