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The Pilates Chair that Joseph H. Pilates called the " Wunda Chair " is the most challenging Pilates Studio equipment, besides the Pilates Reformer, for building strength.  It is a simple piece of Pilates Studio equipment consisting of a seat and hinged foot pedal and springs attached to it.

There are hundreds of exercises for every part of the body and is challenging for every fitness level. The Wunda Chair was originally designed by Joe Pilates for his clients who lived in small New York City apartments. The original Wunda Chair design was actually a double for a piece of furniture, an exercise apparatus that could be converted into a chair, ingenious.

The Wunda Chair is not easy to use and can be unforgiving. It highlights imbalances and weaknesses like no other exercise equipment.Few, if any other Pilates equipment can rival the Wunda Chair's capacity. The  Pilates Wunda Chair exercise program  offers challenging exercises for every part of the body that continually tests balance, strength, and endurance.

​​​​Exercises on the Wunda Chairs are great for skiers, runners, tennis players, and golfers, and anyone looking to increase power in the upper body for throwing, lifting, and racket sports.The Chair is well suited for improving general fitness and enhancing athletic performance and is beneficial to Men and Women of all ages and fitness abilities.

In many ways the Wunda Chair is more functional than other Pilates Studio apparatus because many movements are upright position, demanding greater activation of the trunk stabilizers. Being upright also more closely simulates everyday movements, making the Wunda Chair more functional.

The Wunda Chair is extremely beneficial for pregnant women because it enables them to do the foot/ leg work in a sitting position, rather than a supine position. Lying supine for extended periods of time during pregnancy is not recommended.

Wunda Chair movements can be performed seated, lying, standing, or kneeling. There are over 25 different exercise categories, over 100 exercises altogether. Many of the Wunda Chair movements focusing on core strength, leg strength,  and shoulder girdle stability. The Wunda Chair Pilates program also emphasizes mobility, strength, and functional movements such as standing, climbing, pushing, and lifting.

​​​​The Wunda can is beneficial for anyone looking to improve power, strength and balance, stability, and boost core strength. However, because of its design, the movements are typically short in range and do not readily accommodate full ranges of motion. Also, the Wunda Chair offers fewer possibilities for developing flexion of the limbs, more emphasis is focused on the extension.